7 New Zones: Come January 23

On Thursday, January 23, at approximately 6:30 (a public hearing on a zoning case is scheduled first at 6 pm), the County Commission will be discussing 7 new zones for Jefferson County. PLEASE COME ON JANUARY 23 TO SHOW YOUR INTEREST IN THESE ZONES!  There seems to be a feeling on the Commission that people don’t care about planning or zoning.  Please prove them wrong and come.

  1. PERMITTING TOXIC WASTE STORAGE in the new Major Industrial zone .   The MI zone allows the Board of Zoning Appeals to approve toxic storage  without any guiding environmental standards.
  1. ALLOWING NON-RESIDENTIAL USES LIKE PAWN SHOPS NEAR NEIGHBORHOODS WITHOUT ADEQUATE SETBACKS.  Remember all 7 zones can be requested by anybody, anytime, anywhere, although the zones are earmarked for the Urban Growth Boundary.  This means neighbors and home owners should be very concerned by the permitted uses in ALL these zones because if the zone is granted  uses  like bars, nightclubs and kennels can come to a neighborhood near you.
  2. BARS AND NIGHTCLUBS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE PROPOSED NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL ZONE.  The Board of Zoning Appeals should NOT be given the authority to allow these uses in neighborhoods.

When the Planning Commission first presented these zones to the County Commission, the Commission voted 3-2 to await completion of the Comprehensive Plan (set to be adopted in December 2014) before reviewing them so there would be master plan guidance as to where they should be applied.  After the 2012 election, the Planning  Commission resubmitted the zones.