Guns on Campus, Protect Our Water & Money in Elections

From: Helen Gibbins, President, LWV Of Huntington
Re: Information from the Citizen Action Group

1. Guns on campuses — the League did not take action on this issue, but I know many of you are interested in the issue.

2. Action for Clean Water

3. Money in elections

Citizen Action Needed to Stop Guns on Campus, Protect Our Water & More

WV Citizens Action Group (CAG) Action Alert

This end of the week update that is time sensitive. Several bad bills made it past Crossover Day and need to be stopped ASAP, while one bill expanding Medicaid coverage needs some help to pass. Both the House and Senate will be in session tomorrow (Saturday) so lawmakers will be at the Capitol at least through the morning. So please take a few minutes to make some calls before you get on with your weekend chores.

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