Clean Power Plan Comments Deadline Jan 16

Tell Feds West Virginians Support Clean Power Plan

To: LWVWV Local League Presidents
From: Helen Gibbins
Re: Clean Power Plan Comments

Julie Archer and I, LWVWV board members, remind you of the January 16 deadline for sending in comments on the Clean Power Plan. We ask that you urge your members to send in comments. The League needs to show the feds that West Virginians support the CPP and restricting CO2 in order to curb Climate Change gases. The LWVUS’ Clean Power Plan site provides good information and a link to the EPA.

Talking Points for use when Commenting on Clean Power Plan Rollback

From LWVUS Jan. 4 League Update: The Trump Administration’s plan to roll back the Clean Power Plan, America’s most robust federal greenhouse gas (GHG) policy, will begin moving ahead this year. The proposed rollback will greatly weaken the requirements to curb GHG emissions, taking our nation in the wrong direction on a critically important issue. Comments are being accepted until January 16, 2018. All concerned Leagues and members are urged to submit comments opposing the weakening of this pivotal US climate policy. Please review the talking points and background information developed for this purpose.