Greetings from West Virginia’s new LWVUS Board Liaison

Fw: Greetings from West Virginia’s new LWVUS Board liaison
To: Nancy Novak, Board members & coaches:

This is from our new national board liaison. I have already spoken to her on the phone, and she was very helpful.

Nancy Novak
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2014 10:44 AM

Subject: Greetings from West Virginia’s new LWVUS Board liaison

Dear West Virginia Local League Leaders,

Please let me introduce myself. I’m your state’s LWVUS Board liaison for 2014-16. President Elisabeth MacNamara has reconfigured liaison assignments, paying close attention to geographical proximity so that Board liaisons might easily be able to visit you, attend your meetings, and generally understand the environment in which the League operates in your state.

We completed our 3-day new Board retreat last month. There’s not much news to share as we only spent Sunday morning on business and almost all of that was on procedural matters. But rest assured that this is a strong Board with deep League experience, new expertise and fresh enthusiasm.  I am confident that this Board’s service to the League at the state, local and national levels will be significant.

Now let me tell you about our geographical proximity and myself. My husband and I live in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, near Charleston. I spend a good amount of time in Washington, DC, where my son, daughter-in-law and their two young children live. We spend about one week a month there.

This is my first term on the LWVUS Board. Previously I was president of the LWVSC and LWV/Charleston Area, my local League. I joined the League in Massachusetts in the ‘80s and was local League president in Hingham and served LWVMA on various committees.

It’s an honor to serve as your state’s liaison from the LWVUS Board. I look forward to getting to know you and other League leaders in your state and to support the important work you do there on behalf of democracy.

I am here for you, so tell me what you need me to do. I see us as a team. Please feel free to communicate with me at anytime. Email and telephone work fine.  I will get good ideas from you and share them with other states and League leaders.  I can answer your questions or if I don’t know the answer, will point you in the right direction or find out for you. You can call on me for just talking things through, for brainstorming, for handling challenges, or if you are about to burst with pride and just want to toot your own horn.

I’d be grateful if you would put me on your League’s newsletter mailing list, board minutes, email blasts, or other regular communications with your members. This would assist me in learning more about your League and your state.

Many thanks for your leadership in the League. I look forward to our working together.

Warmly in League, Barbara Zia