LWV 95th Anniversary

This month, the League of Women Voters kicks off a year-long celebration, marking the organization’s 95th anniversary. The League of Women Voters of Jefferson County, WV joins our nearly 800 fellow local and state chapters in honoring this milestone.

Jefferson County League President Debbie Royalty said, “Today’s barriers to the right to vote certainly look different from the time the League was founded but they remain threats to voter participation all the same. Our efforts to encourage voters to engage in the political process in Jefferson County started in 1981 and continue today.”

“The League has been powered by the efforts of civic volunteers and activists in Jefferson County over the decades to successfully take on a range of key issues,” Debbie said. “Not only have we undertaken sustained efforts locally to improve the voting process and to protect the environment, but the National League has played widely acclaimed roles in nationwide efforts, including the creation of the United Nations and the protection of Americans’ civil liberties from the 1950s on.”

“As we look to a vibrant future, we’re excited by the fact that our dedicated members are increasingly being joined by significant numbers of online activists across the community and country. We will continue to fight voter discrimination and to keep secret money out of our elections in order to ensure that our elections are fair, free and accessible. We’ll also continue to push for government transparency, improved access to health care, and a sustainable planet for everyone.

“Today, as we mark the League’s 95th anniversary, and see our 100th birthday quickly approaching, we celebrate our many accomplishments,” concluded the league President “Our members throughout Jefferson County are keeping our eyes and our energies firmly on the future and the actions we will be undertaking to realize our goal: A better community and a better America.”