LWV Huntington WV Newsletter — February 2018

Read the February 2018 Newsletter of the League of Women Voters of Huntington WV

• Supports maintaining West Virginia’s water quality standards to protect this valuable resource.
• Supports strengthening disclosure requirements for the sources of political campaign expenditures, including independent expenditures and election-related communications.
• Supports establishment of an independent commission to draw up redistricting plans for representatives to the US House of Representatives and the WV Legislature.
• Supports measures that encourage investment in energy efficiency in West Virginia’s homes, businesses, and industries such as the LEEP program.
• Supports maintaining expanded Medicaid coverage for the hundreds of thousands of West Virginians who rely on it for health care.

In addition, as bills come up that further or oppose our positions, we will take a stand. An example is SB 270 which will allow timbering in our state parks. We strongly oppose this bill. And we support the “Justice through Grace in Communities Act”, HB 4281, which will add gender identity and sexual orientation to the Hate Crime Law.