LWV Wood Cty WV Voter — Nov/Dec 2016

Read the Voter of the League of Women Voters Of Wood County WV

Statement on Election Night Results

The League of Women Voters congratulates the American people for turning out to participate in our democracy.
Unfortunately, in too many cases, voters had to overcome significant barriers that were erected by elected officials and other political operatives. These ongoing threats to voters’ rights are unacceptable. …”Statement” cont.

Who are our electors and who chose them?

West Virginia’s five electors are nominated by the delegates from WV’s counties at each political party’s convention during the summer before the presidential election. Voters elect them (although their names aren’t on the ballot) when they vote for the party’s presidential candidate. …”Electors” cont.

Selecting the President

In view of the second presidential election in 16 years in which the candidate who received the most votes will not be President, it seems timely to review the League’s position on electing the President.
Statement of Position on Selection of the President, as Announced by National Board, January 1970, Revised March 1982, Updated June 2004 and Revised by the 2010 Convention:
The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that the direct-popular-vote method for electing the President and Vice-President is essential to representative government. The League of Women Voters believes, therefore, that the Electoral College should be abolished. …”President” cont.