LWV WV Take Action on tobacco Urgent

Help Prevent Today’s WV Kids
From Becoming Tomorrow’s Addicted Tobacco Users!

House Bill 4191 Before House Health Committee TOMORROW.
Your Message Can Make the Difference!

How can we prevent 21,100 WV kids from smoking, reduce the number of pregnant smokers (the highest in the nation at nearly 30%), save 11,800 residents from premature, smoking-related deaths and save more than $760 million in long-term tobacco-related healthcare costs? With WV House Bill 4191, before the House Health Committee tomorrow!

By increasing West Virginia’s low 55 cents per pack cigarette tax, one of the lowest in the nation and well below the national average, we can make a real difference in the health of our citizens. We know that for every 10% increase in the price of cigarettes, we see about a 4% decrease in adult smoking rates and a 7% reduction in youth smoking rates.

A $1 increase in West Virginia’s cigarette tax, along with an increase in the tax on other tobacco products like little cigars and chewing tobacco, would raise more than $148 million in new annual revenue for the state while significantly reducing use rates, particularly among our price-sensitive youth.

Don’t let this opportunity to save lives in WV pass us by! House Bill 4191 is before the House Health Committee tomorrow and would increase WV’s tobacco tax to a level that would result in much-needed revenue AND far fewer tobacco users–a win-win for WV! With one click you can urge your lawmakers to support House Bill 4191 today!

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