LWVJC Annual Meeting Minutes June 2014

–LWVJC Annual Meeting Minutes

June 190, 2014, 6 p.m.
Location: Carolyn Rodis’ House

Invitation for Speakers & subjects for forums on clipboard. Also non-profits worthy of recognition.

Recognize activities of last year – Transportation Forum, A Place to Heal, Natl Voter Registration Day, Sean O’Leary at Members’ Gathering, WV Tax Credits for Renewable Energy, Breakfast w/ Delegates, Community Service Award to Hospice, Affordable Care Act Forum, Lyn Widmyer at Members’ Gathering, Lessons from Elk River Forum, 2 Primary Candidates Forums, others.

President’s State of LWVJC. Each take one small part and together we can lift a heavy load. Encourage forming committees to study issues and get information out to public.

Joan request for trainees for Voters’ Service. This fall is last time Joan & Tina will do Voters’ Forum.

Treasurer Report & LWVUS – Where the Money Goes. Cash Basis Financials and Budget presented and approved. Our fiscal year is July to June, but Per Member Payments are based on membership as of 1Jan, and paid in July. We need money to do LWV work, and for a Fundraiser, Ann Coulter will participate in town yard sale – profits to go to LWVJC. Ann invited others to bring items and join her.

Eleanor reported on Observer Project. It takes a full day every week for County Commission. Other groups also observed. At the County Commission this year: New Appointment Policy, Ethics Policy now approved, Impact Fee Issue, new sewer proposal in Public Service division (PSD), need IT department, Fiscal Responsibility – new Finance Director reviewing contracts (every 3 years for services suggested), Fees being reviewed (hotel fees for those being trained by Homeland Security will be lost when dormitories built), Space needs study never completed, Mental Health Issues – how to help those afflicted. Asked for volunteers to help observe – just need to know issues of of concern. Lyn would like more members in attendance when the report to Co Commission is made.

Carolyn – Library Study in WV. For each Library, a Governing Body must help create it, and support it. In WV, State funding appears to be adequate, but local funding is lower than needed. Ann will send out information on the Study. State monies are based on matching funds! Martinsburg library does admin for Shepherdstown, Bolivar/Harper’s Ferry, and South Jefferson Libraries. We will have a forum – maybe August – to educate public on libraries, funding, and what services available. The study will be scheduled after that.

Carolyn – LWVJC website – the address was provided. Easy to use, has calendar of events. Underused!!!  https://lwv-jcwv.org.

Election of Officers – Pres, Treas, Sec. Debbie & Carline re-elected. Nominations for Secretary were requested from the floor. Rod Widmyer was suggested, agreed to be Sec. and was elected.

Lyn talked about county in NC that engages students in voting at school on computer. She is willing to help get a similar program started here. The Broadband Council was disbanded by State Legislature – despite obvious public interest. Thinks would be a good forum. Carolyn Rodis would like a forum on how much out-of-state money influences our state elections.

23 September is National Voter Registration Day. Suggested offering training for those new to registration.

Charles Town Library working on Flag Fund since room used is for County Commission. Expect to need $3000 for three flagpoles and flags. Suggestion to mention on website. Board will have to decide.

Only 13% turnout at Primary – Republican Sheriff won by 4 votes! Every vote counts in these tight elections.

Adjourned 8:45 pm.

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