No Candidate Forum This Year

The Jefferson County League of Women Voters has a long standing tradition of sponsoring candidate forums for primary and general elections. The League encourages informed and active participation of citizens in government. We believe that it is vitally important for the voting public to have the opportunity to see the candidates together in person and hear them present their positions and goals.

The League regrets to announce that we are unable to schedule the forums for this general election cycle. We attempted to arrange forums for the 2nd congressional district as well as for the state and local races. Some of the candidates did not respond or did not respond in sufficient time to coordinate participation of all the candidates, despite repeated attempts to contact them.

Regrettably, it is the voting public who are disadvantaged. Voter turnout is always lower in non-presidential election years. It is especially important that constituents have maximum opportunity to hear the views of all candidates in a variety of venues to ensure that they are informed and to encourage voter turnout.

Debbie Royalty, President League of Women Voters of Jefferson County