The WV Voter — Fall 2017

PRESIDENT’S REPORT by Jonathan Rosenbaum
During one of the most important and electrifying times in American history, I have been chosen to take on the role of President for the State League, a role I do not take lightly. After four years of serving as President of the Morgantown-Monongalia County League, as well as serving over eight years on the State Board, I am keenly aware of the challenges that all levels of the League are currently experiencing, therefore, I have defined a 3-Point Plan of Action: Improved Communications, Expansion of the League in West Virginia, and to Engage Members to Help with Portfolios, both on a state and local level. Already this Plan of Action is experiencing fruition, which is very exciting!

In June, Lyn Widmyer (Jefferson League) and I attended a unique and historic National Council meeting in Leesburg, Virginia, aptly named Blueprint for Mission: Impact, Engagement, and Sustainability to discuss and work on five transformational objectives. …

A summation of legislation relating to League priorities is included in this Voter. Read The West Virginia VOTER, Fall 2017.