Volunteers Needed for Money in Politics Consensus Meeting

The reaction to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions galvanized campaign finance reform efforts and raised complex questions.

The League’s campaign finance position, from the 1970’s, is outdated and needs to be reconsidered and reformulated. “Any education and discussion of these issues must attempt to be comprehensive, which means complex.  The task of the Money in Politics Committee is to make the issues understandable to the members of LWV and all citizens.”

To develop a new position, local Leagues are being asked to use the consensus process to consider how we balance the First Amendment right of individuals and organizations to express their political views through the financing of political campaign activities with equitable competition, the prevention of corruption and undue influence, and increased voter participation?  The deadline for submitting our Consensus Report is Feb. 1, 2016.

The National League has prepared consensus questions along with extensive online background materials.  Lynn Yellott has agreed to coordinate the study/consensus meeting if 3 other League members volunteer to help present the background information and plan the consensus meeting.  If you can volunteer, please contact Lynn, lynnyellott@frontiernet.net  (The National League is also encouraging locals to organize a community forum which can be done after the Consensus meeting.)

Optimally, we would hold our Consensus meeting before the end of November in order to avoid the December holidays and the increased risk of inclement weather.

To see the consensus questions, background information, and additional information go to:

Money in Politics Consensus Questions
Summary of LWVUS Money in Politics Review
Money in Politics Review