Voter ID/Automatic Registration Bill (HB 2781) Passed by House of Delegates

From Kathy Stoltz, LWV West Virginia:

The committee-amended Voter ID/Automatic Registration bill (HB 2781) was passed by the House of Delegates today (3/28) 98-0 and sent to the Senate. This bill includes the liberal ID requirements that passed last year and keeps the automatic registration program, delaying the implementation date from 2018 to 2019. The 98-0 House vote bodes well for passage in the Senate. I assume it will be referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Since it just passed the House today, the committee reference is not yet posted online, but likely will be tomorrow. (Bill was Sent To Judiciary 03/29/17.)
As noted before, we’d rather not have voter ID at all, but it became the law last year. Most of its provisions will stay in effect. The extensive list of acceptable forms of ID should not keep anyone who wants to vote from doing so.
Thank your delegates for supporting it and urge your senators to support it, too.