Some How-To’s for WV Legislature’s Website Go back to the home page at any time by clicking in the blue area at the top of whatever page you’re on.

To see agenda for Senate or House Session
On click on Bulletin Board and then on Senate Calendar or House Calendar for the agenda for the day’s floor session. (Late in the session, Special Calendar)

To check status of a bill:
Under Bill Status box on click on Bill Status
Select Bill, year, session at top right of page. Fill in and click submit.
When you know its number, enter number in the box indicated (digits only) and click submit
When you do not know the number: The column at left side of page has an option to search for bills on a particular topic. Click on subject and then on appropriate topic and then on bill you want to check. Once on a bill’s page, the table at the bottom will show every action on the bill to date.

To use Bill Tracking
Under Bill Status box on click on Bill Tracking. Click on Create a new account
Fill out all the information required. You will need to provide a valid email address and to create a user name and a password. Follow the prompts. Give the list a name. You can create multiple lists.

To follow action in committees
On click on Bulletin Board and then on Senate Committee Schedule or House Committee Schedule and you will get a list of committee meetings for the day.
Click on a committee name (in tan/gold lettering) and you’ll get a list of its members and a link to Agendas to see what will be taken up by the committee. Note that sometimes they alter the agenda when they meet.

To see what bills a legislator has sponsored
On each legislator’s individual page there is a list of the bills on which he or she was the lead sponsor.

To see how a legislator voted on a particular bill
On the bill status page for a bill that has completed action, the Actions table will have a link to the Roll Call on the line(s) where it shows the bill passed by either or both houses.

Live streaming: If you opt to use the Live Streaming feature to watch video, it seems to work better using Internet Explorer as the browser.