League of Women Voters
of Jefferson County WV

The League of Women Voters works to encourage informed and active participation in the democratic process through voter registration, education and the promotion of fair, active and open government. The League of Women Voters of Jefferson County, WV neither supports nor opposes candidates but is engaged in local, state, and national issues of importance to our community. We encourage you to explore our website, attend our forums, and become a member.

League Highlights

Our League is involved in several ongoing projects. Please contact the League if you are interested in participating.

Priorities for the Year

League WV Priorities for 2017–2018 were set at our May annual meeting.

  • Member engagement with member socials
  • Voter participation, turnout, and registration
  • County and State budgets
  • Healthcare and the opioid crisis
  • Civics Education and Participation Series
  • Observer Program

The State board of the LWVWV established the following priorities for the 2017 legislative session:

  • Campaign finance — increased disclosure of sources of contributions
  • Water quality standards — water flow standard; Category A standard; bacterial contamination indicator
  • Energy efficiency
  • Medicaid funding

The National LWV priorities for 2017:

  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Reforming Money in Politics
  • Restoring voting rights to all citizens

Our Programs

  • Voter Registration: A national, state and local priority for the League of Women Voters is to support and encourage voter registration for all eligible citizens.
  • Candidate Forums: In carrying out our mission of encouraging informed and active participation in government, the League of Women Voters continues to be key sponsors of candidate debates and forums. When dates have been set, our Calendar will provide details about upcoming local forums.
  • November Legislative Breakfast: This annual event is held in November to allow the constituents time to speak with their representatives regarding issues of concern they would like addressed in the next Legislative session.
  • Legislative Roundup: Spring of every year we invite our representatives to meet with their constituents to report highlights of the Legislative session.
  • Observer Program: The League of Women Voters has been an active champion of openness in government throughout its history. In pursuit of this goal locally, the League of Women Voters of Jefferson County has established an “observer program” to monitor the actions of the county government. Local members have volunteered to attend meetings of the County Commission, the Planning Commission, and the Board of Education. Read more…
  • Topic Forums: Our local LWV holds numerous educational forums on topics of interest and importance to the citizens of Jefferson County.


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